New Resource: Singing Prayers for the Earth

CDs & Songbooks 

cdicon What We Do (2008) songbookicon Singing Prayers for the Earth (2017)
cdicon What We Do (2008) songbookicon We Are The Song (2017)
cdicon Justice Like a Base of Stone (2006) songbookicon Close to Home (2013)
cdicon Global Songs III (2000) songbookicon Motley Travelers of Pleasant Avenue (2013)
cdicon Global Songs II (1997) songbookicon No Matter Who (2012)
cdicon Global Songs, Local Voices (1995) songbookicon River of Gladness (2011)
cdicon Bit Fat Tape of Songs for Kids (1991) songbookicon Justice Like a Base of Stone (2006)
cdicon  A New Perspective  (1990) songbookicon Worship In the Spirit of Jesus (2004)
songbookicon Baptized into Community (2000)
songbookicon Salvadoran Folk Mass (1996)
songbookicon Sing With Creation (1991)
songbookicon Music of the Land (1990)


Audience: I write songs for two audiences: community singing (schools, organizations, neighbors in the park, concerts) and progressive churches. Most of my songs are meant for group singing.

mp3s: both studio and informal recordings
The CDs are studio recordings, on which I collaborate with lots of musicians. Songs not a part of CDs are mostly informal self-made mp3 recordings, intended so you can hear how they go.

Printed music: mostly melody line, lyrics and chords
Unless noted otherwise, the songbooks and individual sheet music pdfs include melody line, lyrics and chords. A few songs provide SATB and or keyboards.

Feel free to print out lyrics for your personal use. Please remember, this is all copyrighted material. Please contact me for written permission to make copies, record, reproduce digitally, or publish these songs.