Darkness Hymns

Here are some songs/hymns that celebrate the dark, the goodness of things of the dark, the good things that happen in the night. Night is not a scary thing to suffer  through, but a healing, whole, natural part of the created world.


Like A Seed Upon the Breeze (letting go and being carried on the night, “midnight grace”)

In the Turning (celebrates the turning time from day to night, the spirit as “ever-turning love”))

Wonderful Story (call/response intro to “In the Turning”, our human story started in darkness)

Slowly Slowly The Evening Falls (all the good things of the night, the mother of the fertile dark)

In the Blackness (cover us O God with this good night)

Her Song Spins a Blackness. (Christmas song, God as feminine)

Evening Is Falling. (sort of “morning has broken” for the entrance into night”

Come Rest From Your Labors (“the Brush that paints upon the scarlet sky”)

In The Presence of Your Holy Silence (the restorative power of silence)