As God Provides

Offertory song, nice in four parts or unison. Recorded here with a second song, Rising the Sun, which works as a duet where both are  sung together, or as a counter melody.

As God Provides
Bret Hesla, © 2005

As God provides abundantly the riches of the earth
As sun and rain distinguish not among each garden’s worth.
We abandon every caution as our abundance freely we bestow.
Creation streaming graciously shall lead us in the flow.
In gratitude, these gifts we bring.

Rising the Sun
Bret Hesla, © 2005

1. Rising the sun’s streaming glorious and proud,
Casting jewel over jewel on the wet morning ground.
Full in their bounty all greenly and high
Do the trees stand a-reaching for the lightening sky.
Heedless of boundary line
Neither of “Private” sign
Light after light spilling down, spilling down.
All now are bathed in this dawning of gold
In this treasure unbounded that ne’er will be sold.

2. See now the lilacs a-blooming in song
With their lavender voices fragrant and strong
See how the apple trees join the choir
With magenta harmonies of blazing desire.
Lightly the petals cling, then yield to the breeze of spring
Till earth be strewn in purple and white
Come soak your feet on a dew laden stroll
And this beauty discarded will cling to your soles.

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