Ballad of the Bottler

Ballad of the Bottler
Bret Hesla ©1989

I’m a Minnesota soda water bottler
I bottle soda water water bottles
I bottle bottled pop in some water bottles
In others I bottle bottled beer.
And counting all the Minnesota soda soda water bottled
There’s many Minnesota soda water water bottles bottled here.

1. Now a lot of people think that a bottle
is a bottle is a bottle is a bottle is a bottle
But it seems to me that a bottle with water
isn’t just a bottle but a water bottle
And a water bottle bottled with pure soda water
I call a soda water water bottle
So you see if it’s Minnesota soda water bottled
Then you call the bottles bottled Minnesota soda water water bottles.

2. With ten thousand lakes and couple hundred rivers
Why are people buying water at the store?
Just belly up to the sink, drink save a few dollars
And holler if you want a little more.
Well the problem is the poison we’re putting in the ground
We finally found it floating in the well
So either buy it in the bottle or test it in the tap
So you know the water isn’t gonna do a little number on your health.

3. Bottle business is booming but the end is looming
But the system will eventually crash.
Cause the landfill’s growing with everybody throwing
Water bottle after bottle in the trash.
Did you ever stop and think when you go to take a drink
Why you throw away the bottle when you’re done.
If we could all learn to do the bottle return.
We could fill the Minnesota soda water water bottles up again.

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