Big Fat Walleye

Big Fat Walleye
Copyright © 1990 Bret Hesla.

Early in the morning I load up my canoe.
Only one thing is gonna break these blues

Ch: I want a Big Fat Walleye (2x)
I’ve got a sinker on a spoon
And I’m trolling from the morning
To the late afternoon.

Got my boat, got my gear.
Got my buddy Larry only one thing isn’t here (Ch)

All day gray, all day drizzle
Don’t mind getting wet if I get to hear the sizzle (Ch.)

Can’t get my mind off this gnawing hunger
I gotta get a fish, and it better be a lunker

Don’t want beef, no chicken, no pork.
Don’t give me no tofu on my fork. (Ch)

I don’t want a sunny, a bluegill or a trout
It’s the Minnesota state fish I’m talking about

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