Big Town Values

Big Town Values

1. I’ve been ’round the country / Rambled and I’ve roamed.
I’m back in the city / That’s where I call home.
I’ll stay in the city / because of what I’ve found:
Those big town values all around.

I love those big town values, like vibrant public schools.
Give more if you’ve got more.
We’re basking in the golden rule.
Dance with who you want to.
Let your joy resound.
There’s big town values all around.

2. When I was a shaver / on my mama’s knee,
Kindness was the anthem / mama sang to me.
Always do for others / papa would expound.
It was big town values all around.

3. Ev’rybody’s language / Spoken in our schools.
Ev’rybody’s story / Told and listened to.
Celebrate what’s diff’rent / It’s not that profound.
Just big town values all around

4. All those tiny food trucks / parked on busy streets.
Sprouting from the sidewalks / coffee shops like weeds.
Special lanes for bikers / Potlucks that abound.
And big town values all around.

5. Decent living wages / Health care for us all
Neighborhood investment / ‘stead of endless war
If there is a heaven / I’ll know when I’ve found,
these big town values all around.

Words and music by Bret Hesla.
© 2013 Bret Hesla. All rights reserved. Use with permission, please.
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