Blest Are Those Who Trust

Blest Are Those
Bret Hesla. © 2011

1. Blest are those who trust in the Lord
They shall be like a tree.
Like a tree planted by the water
They shall never be moved.

2. In a world that’s splintered apart
Keeping many outside
Give us hearts welcome and including
Hearts to heal the divide

3. Homeless, wealthy, stranger, and friend
Fill the city, our home
May we now share of our abundance
Finding plenty for all

4. When we fear the peace that we seek
simply cannot come true,
We abide in our work for justice
Rooted deep in the stream

5. Here beside the river of faith
We now gather in joy.
Like a tree planted by the water
We shall never be moved.


This was the theme verse for the 50th anniversary celebration of Faith Mennonite Church in Minneapolis, and this song was written on commission for that event.

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