Childhood Sweethearts

Childhood Sweethearts
Copyright © 2009 Bret Hesla.

(ch) We could have been childhood sweethearts
If we’d met back when we were young
I wish we’d been childhood sweethearts
I know we’d have had lots of fun.

1. You’d be in my fading photos
Like this one that’s from my first date
And right where that hole is cut out
Would now be your young happy face

2. Under the ball of mirrors
Just think how we two would have twirled
With your dress and my tuxedo
Slow dancing to “Color my world”

3. And all those great songs from high school
“Our songs” is what we’d call them now
And each line would hold a memory
That ties us to our old hometown

4. With my the St. Olaf youth group
Aboard that old bus in the back
We two could have sat together
Made out to Wyoming and back

5. Just tell me you ne’er were happy
Before the sweet day that we met
Just tell me you wish you’d known me
Before your whole twenties were spent

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