Close to Home

Ode to the community supported agriculture movement.

Close to Home
Copyright © 1992 Bret Hesla.

Close to home, close to home
Food tastes better when it’s local grown
Local grown on local land
I wanna place my money in a dirty hand
I wanna place my money in a dirty hand

Every spring with all my friends
We put a couple hundred each in a farmer’s hand
Then each week from June to fall
We get a big bag of vegetables one and all

California produce, No
I wanna buy what my neighbors grow
I can change, I can learn
To change my diet as the seasons turn

Keep your eyeballs on the fridge
Keep your veggies on the cutting edge
Use those greens in the drawer
Soon a bag’ll be delivered with a whole lot more

Some folks choose the discount fare
Cause they wanna help a little with the labor there
Early on they help plant the seeds
Then they’re back a little later helping hoe the weeds

Some folks choose to grow their own
Or hit the farmer’s market every Sunday morn
But here’s my scoop, here’s my news
I get a year’s worth of produce if I pay my dues.

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