Dazzling Bouquet

Here’s a big fun dance all-sing celebrating the inclusive vision. Attention pride parade planners: that first line looks good on banners and T-shirts, too. Recording by Bread for the Journey, on Global Songs 2.

Dazzling Bouquet
Copyright © 1995 Bret Hesla. Admin Augsburg Fortress.

Mine is the church where everybody’s welcome.
I know it’s true ’cause I got through the door.
We are a dazzling bouquet of every kind of flower.
Jump in the vase, ’cause we’ve got space for more.

1. Come here, all you six foot gladiolas.
Come all you purple lilacs shining bright.
Come let us all bloom together in one garden:
A carnival of fragrance and delight. (Refrain)

2. We don’t simply tolerate each other.
We ask and tell, we don’t just turn away.
We give attention to every bud and blossom.
Let every face come grace the grand bouquet. (Refrain)

3. Our demons keep trying to divide us;
They document their lies to make them true.
Today we’re freed from our judging and excluding.
Just look around enjoy the lovely view. (Refrain)


Note: Originally published in the wonderful songbook, “Global Songs II.”

I wrote the song Dazzling Bouquet in 1995 to give welcoming churches a way to celebrate members who are gay lesbian bisexual and transgender. At the time, not many congregations were welcoming. The US military’s policy of muffled inclusion was, “don’t ask don’t tell”. I was part of a congregation that was welcoming but I thought we were mostly pretty subdued about it in the services.
Well, we wanted to ask and tell. I thought it would be nice to have the trumpets and full party welcome. A good dance groove seemed the best way to capture the wonderful joy we all feel when the inclusion gets wider. I hope you enjoy singing it together. And why not a little two-step in the center aisle?

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