Everything That We Have

Everything That We Have
Copyright © 1990 Bret Hesla.

Ev’rything that we have,
Ev’rything that we are,
Ev’ry moment is a blessing from above.
It’s endless love that we breathe.
It’s endless love that we receive.
What has freely come we now let freely go.

1. Working hard to survive is no guarantee.
For the deck is always stacked against the poor.
If we’d use just what we need.
Reject the creeping cancer of greed.
Like a miracle, the hungry could be fed.

2. May we show gratitude in the way that we live.
Not with pompous prayers and not with fancy feasts.
Imagine how the world should be.
Then take a risk to build this dream.
That’s the offering that God is asking for.

Words and Music by Bret Hesla.
© 199o  All rights reserved. Use with permission, please.
Admin Augsburg Fortress. Also licensed via OneLicense.net.  Contact: Bret.hesla@gmail.com. 

Notes: The refrain of this song, when sung by itself, can serve a variety of settings: an offertory, a healing service, and even a funeral. The verses, when sung as an offertory, give the meaning a deeper focus of justice and shared abundance.

The recording is from the 2001 album Pave the Way With Branches, Global Songs 3, by the group, Bread for the Journey.

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