Farmers Market

The Farmer’s Market

Photo: Virginia Market Square

by Bret Hesla © 1990


I’m going to the Farmer’s Market, the Farmer’s Market
Getting up going down to the middle of town
Come back with the car loaded down
Down, way down to the ground
Come back with the car loaded down.

1. Go down there when the sun comes up
Come back home ‘bout nine o-clock.
Beans are long and the beets are fat.
A bag of this and a pound of that. (Ch.)

2. Potatoes packed in a hundred pound sack
I put two in the front seat, ten in the back.
Squash on the roof and corn on the floor
And giant pumpkins tied on the door. (Ch.)

3. Brussel sprouts and broccoli

Photo: Virginia Market Square

Pepper parsley pumpkin pea
Cauliflower Kale and corn
Every single Saturday morn

4. Don’t give me that fruit from Mexico
Gonna buy what my neighbors grow.
Corn is early the pumpkins late
If it’s out of season I can wait. (Ch.)

Just like instinct it’s inborn
I go there every Sunday morn
It’s a nine month marathon shopping spree
From starter plants to Christmas trees

Ee-eye-ee-eye—ee—eye-Oh (echo)
Oh, I oh I oh I eat (echo)
Oh, I eat (echo)
Only local food.

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