February Blues

February Blues
Copyright © 1987 Bret Hesla. bret.hesla@gmail.com

1. I wandered home from work
Grabbed a beer and then
changed my mind
and put it back again
It’s a Friday night
And I’ve got no plans
dishes piled high
I’m gonna let ’em stand

I’ve got the February blues
From my head on down
Think I’ll head on down
To Riverside Avenue.

2. I called my brother Joe
He was watching TV
all alone
and thinking ’bout calling me
Seems there’s nothing to do
And nowhere to go
And when I get call
I hear myself say No

3. Was thinking about my dog
Wish he hadn’t died
Loved to walk
With Badger by my side
Memories floating by
Of places that I’ve been
That trip to Idaho
Sure like to go again.

4. Feel like a stranger here
The people aren’t like me
And all my friends
Live so far away
Seems like every time
I try to make a friend
Never seem to show
Who I really am.

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