Fine Form

A song for use at our annual winter solstice singing party–oooh, we all looked good.

Fine Form
Copyright © 2010 Bret Hesla.

Fine form.
Aren’t we all in fine form?
Aren’t we all in fine form?
Oooh, we look good to-night!

1. Oh, what a sight for sore eyes we are
What a feast for the soul
Just to walk in this room. Look!

2. These girls, these women in full splendor
There’s Venus, Casseopea
And the seven sisters of the night!

3. Oh, these men decked out in glory
See how they hold themselves
Like precious stones!

4. This old house (hall) is dressed up also
Like Grandma when she wears
Her special Christmas pin.

5. Who would have thought that southern Minnesota
Was the Center of the Universe?
But it’s all here.

6. Oh, my friends our time is right now
This is our moment
And we are the ones

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