Flower of Compassion (#1)

Fresh, nonviolent images of the spirit of hope and change working in the world.

Flower of Compassion (#1)
Copyright © 2003 Bret Hesla. bret.hesla@gmail.com

Flower of compassion: Bloom within each heart. (3x)

Blossom of love: Draw us close together. (3x)

Delicate fragrance: Drift beyond all borders (3x)


See also alternate musical setting to the text of Flower of Compassion (#2).

Prayer to accompany the singing of “Flower of Compassion”
from “Worship in the Spirit of Jesus” by Jack Nelson Pallmeyer and Bret Hesla. 2004. Used with permission.

L: Let us pray for this community and the whole human family:

We pray for a heart of compassion, that we may look in each face and see a fellow human deserving of respect…(v.1, three times)

L: We pray for a bond of love, that daily strengthens this community through forgiveness and mutual upbuilding…(v.2, three times)

L: We pray for a culture of peace, that reaches across barriers to include all people…(v. 3, three times)

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