God Bless the Baby-O

God Bless The Baby-O
Copyright © 1995 Bret Hesla. bret.hesla@gmail.com

1. Mama dipped the baby down low, low, low.
Preacher dripped the water slow, slow, slow.
Towel on the forehead dry, dry, dry.
Daddy whispered hush-a-bye, bye, bye.

And it’s drop, drop, drip one, two and three.
Now we’ve got a little bigger family.
And it’s drop, drop, drip one, two and three.
God bless the baby-o.

2..Little twinkle in your grandpa’s eye eye eye
Roll you and a-throw you in the sky sky sky
Grandma’s gonna eat you up a-munch munch munch
Have your little chubby cheeks for lunch lunch lunch

3..Whose a-gonna nurse him now? Ma, Ma, Ma.
Who’s a-gonna bounce him? Pa, Pa, Pa.
Who’s a-gonna hold him? Me, Me, Me.
Who’s a-gonna raise him? We, We, We.

4..Pour a little water on a seed, seed, seed.
Soon you’ve got a mighty hickory, ry, ry.
As the little baby’s growing up, up, up;
Blessings gonna overflow his* cup, cup, cup.

5..Power of the spirit coming down down down
Seeping through the people all around round round
First the baby’s baptized: wash wash wash
Then the baby’s grabtized: squash squash squash!

Words and music by Bret Hesla.
© 1995 Bret Hesla. All rights reserved. Use with permission, please.
Licensed via OneLicense.net. Contact: Bret.hesla@gmail.com.

I wrote this for Amy and Regi’s song Willito’s baptism. It’s acapella, with lots of ways for everyone to join in the singing and simple gestures. Really fun to sing with an all ages group, which baptisms tend to be, of course.

I like to write down big words for each verse and post, or have someone hold up, so folks can all join in on the three repeats for the word at the end of each line of the verses. See video.

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