God Bless the Baby-O

A little baptism song, with some simple gestures, fun to sing with a group.

God Bless The Baby-O
Copyright © 1995 Bret Hesla. bret.hesla@gmail.com

1. Mama dipped the baby down low, low, low.
Preacher dripped the water slow, slow, slow.
Towel on the forehead dry, dry, dry.
Daddy whispered hush-a-bye, bye, bye.

And it’s drop, drop, drip one, two and three.
Now we’ve got a little bigger family.
And it’s drop, drop, drip one, two and three.
God bless the baby-o.

2..Little twinkle in your grandpa’s eye eye eye
Roll you and a-throw you in the sky sky sky
Grandma’s gonna eat you up a-munch munch munch
Have your little chubby cheeks for lunch lunch lunch

3..Whose a-gonna nurse him now? Ma, Ma, Ma.
Who’s a-gonna bounce him? Pa, Pa, Pa.
Who’s a-gonna hold him? Me, Me, Me.
Who’s a-gonna raise him? We, We, We.

4..Pour a little water on a seed, seed, seed.
Soon you’ve got a mighty hickory, ry, ry.
As the little baby’s growing up, up, up;
Blessings gonna overflow his* cup, cup, cup.

5..Power of the spirit coming down down down
Seeping through the people all around round round
First the baby’s baptized: wash wash wash
Then the baby’s grabtized: squash squash squash!

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