Grain Belt Beer

For Gust on his 62nd birthday

Grain Belt Beer
Copyright © 2010 Bret Hesla.

1. Here’s a little song about a friend of mine
who’s truly rare
He’s the ordinary sort of classic guy
who’s got no airs.

[ch] He likes Grain Belt beer, Grain Belt beer
One for the heart, two for the soul
Keep the boys working in New Ulm
he likes Grain Belt beer. Grain Belt beer
You can have one too if you stop by.

2. Getting him to smile on a Saturday morn
is not that hard
Give him couple hours and a wrench in the middle of the
salvage yard

3. See the vet marching with the peace brigade
to stop the war
See the dad walking in the pride parade
for his oldest boy

4. Spring’s good excuse to begin getting ready
for the old timer’s game
Pitching on a couple new knees that fastball’s
not quite the same

5. If any single person could revitalize a neighborhood
he’s your guy
Every Friday everybody’s welcome to come over for
homemade pizza pie

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