Don’t You Think?

Don’t You Think?

aka. The Greater Minnesota Get-Together
Copyright © 2012 Bret Hesla.

1. Don’t you think we all deserve
to have the right to marry who we choose to love?
Come join us if you do.

[ch] Then when all of us,
All of us rise and push to make the state fair
We’ll make the state fair for us all.

2. Don’t you think we all deserve
to feel safe and be accepted as we are?
Come join us if you do.

3. Don’t you think it’s time to see
the other person as a version of yourself?
Come join us if you do.

Thanks to United for All Families, and all the other people and groups that came together to help Minnesota defeat the marriage amendment, then pass a marriage equality law in August 2013. On the way to the June 2012 Pride parade a few months before, I heard a radio interview with Norman Lear, who talked about compassion and seeing the other person as simply another version of yourself.

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