Greenland Ice Is Falling

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The Greenland Ice Is Falling
Copyright 2011 Bret Hesla.

The Greenland ice is falling
Falling into the sea.
Things of old are melting, melting all away.
Who will slow to see them go
Never to return?
The Greenland ice is falling into the sea.

1. One by one the species go, like libraries burning down.
Two by two the changes come, a lost for every found.
And I hear the Northwest Passage is now just open sea,
Where the ice floes and the white bear used to be.

2. Climate shifting ever north at twenty five yards each day.
Minnesota’s leaving us; Missouri’s on the way.
When the ski team from Winona keeps training on the grass.
Don’t you start to wonder if those days are past

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