I Burned the Beans

I take full responsibility

I Burned The Beans
Copyright ©2010 Bret Hesla. bret.hesla@gmail.com

I burned the beans; it was all my fault.
It was me, I burned the beans.
Yes, I smelled it, too right when I walked through
the front door and thought, “O. M. G. I forgot”
I left the burner on when I left.
Oh no! Oh yes, and that was six hours ago.
This hideous stench is all my fault.
It was me: I burned the beans.

1. I know it’s not important
To specify the blame
I’m sure you’re ecstatic
Just knowing I’m OK
Remember to be grateful,
At least the house is here
So what if it’ll smell a little smokey for a year
So go ahead and shoot me, OK?

2. But who just burned the grilled cheese
And threw the pan away?
And who burns the popcorn
‘Bout every other day?
OK, OK, OK, this is
Diff’rent I agree
A six hour, super power fumigation spree.
Fine, just go ahead and shoot me.

3. I want a little credit
I tried to make amends
I went and bought a stick that had
a spongee on the end
I scoured floor to ceiling
I did the kitchen twice
Just call me Mr. Every-Surface-Spongee-Mopper-Guy
What, and now you’re gonna shoot me

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