It’s Beer, Friends

A friend asked me to write a local beer song. Here you go, Chris. Lift, tip …. Ahhhhh!

It’s Beer Friends
Copyright ©2013 Bret Hesla.

1. I’m all about local in all that I do
I’m local for lettuce and local for shoes
I’m locally fed and I’m locally dressed
And then there’s the local that I love the best:

Ch: It’s beer, friends, that’s made in my neighborhood
Beer, friends, I favor near flavor. It’s
Beer, friends, I love that it’s only two days from the vat
to my trusty right arm.
[Lift, tip, “ahhh”]
Hop up and top up a local with me.
Hop up and top up a local with me.

2. I’m happy whenever I go for a walk
I’m happy when Jaimie and I get to talk
I’m happy to grill you a burger that’s rare
And there’s something else I’d be happy to share (Ch)

3. A lot of great beer’s made a long way away;
St. Louis, Milwaukee and over the sea;
But why send your money to people unknown;
With all these great brewers to sponsor at home? (Ch)

4. I wish for you all that good things will increase
I wish you contentment and friendships of peace
Here’s hoping your troubles are seldom and few
And here’s one convivial thing we can do: (Ch)

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