Lake of Mercy (song)

Lake of Mercy

(from the 2020 collection, Lake of Mercy: Songs for Healing)

From the shore, from the shore
Where moonlight bathes the sand.
I set sail, I set sail
And leave behind the land.

Ch: Let me rest upon your waters
Lake of Mercy, precious friend.
Rock me softly in the midnight wind
And make me whole again.

2. As I sleep, as I sleep,
Oh make my body whole.
Heal me deep, heal me deep
Within my blood and soul.

3. Carry me, carry me,

Oh rock me through the night.
Calm my fears, calm my fears

When no help is in sight.

4. Make me strong, make me strong,
Oh, fill me with your power.
Stay with me, stay with me
Now in this troubled hour.

5. Take away, take away
My present pains and past.
May your peace, may your peace
Then fill my empty glass.

Words and music by Bret Hesla.
© 1991 Bret Hesla.  All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Admin Augsburg Fortress. Also licensed via  Contact:

Years ago, a friend was dying of cancer. I wanted to write a healing song for her and her family.

Unfortunately, she never heard it. In my insecurity, I kept tinkering with it, waiting to perfect it; then it was too late. I give the song to you, the listener, along with my hope that we can all share our imperfect gifts with each other while we have time.

The imagery here is of God, the spirit, as a great healing lake, and of us in our small boats, sailing out over that water. The singing should be very relaxed.

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