Lefse Time, Everybody!

Hot off the electric grill.

Lefse Time Everybody
Copyright ©2011 Bret Hesla. bret.hesla@gmail.com

Ch: You take a blob, blob, take a blob
Rake a little blob of potato dough.
You roll it out, out, roll it out
Roll a little out with a rolling pin
Then you fry it on a ‘lectric plate
‘Bout a minute’s all you got to wait
Butter up, sugar up, roll it up
Whoa! Lefse time everybody.

1. Boil the potatoes, peel the potatoes
Rice ’em while they’re good and hot
Let ’em cool as a rule till they’re cool as the room
Then you start mixing it up.
You drop a couple cups of spuds
And a cup of flour in the bowl
Quarter cup of cream, pinch of salt and sugar
& Take a dough blender to it all (ch)

2. Peter’s on the peeler, Rosie’s on the ricer
Mom is at the mixing bowl
We’ve got four on the boards and they’re rolling up a storm
Becca, Paul, Bonnie and Joe
And over on the lefse grill
Sam and Anna with remarkable skills
Beth has got your drinks, Greg has got your photo
And Jaimie’s got your chatter needs filled
Big fun with the extended Hesla family, as they turn out their annual batch of lefse on Thanksgiving weekend. It’s all here: the recipe, the process, the people.

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