Let Us Put On the Clothes of Christ

Let Us Put on the Clothes of Christ

Let us put on the clothes of Christ
and live as equals with everyone.
Let us put on the clothes of Christ
and reunite the family of God.

1. Jew and Greek will live side by side
with the garments of justice on.
And every door will be open wide
in that sweet and delightful dawn.
Hate and fear shall not come between.
Oh, let us unite in love!
We’ll celebrate our diversity
as we welcome the reign of God.

2. All the captives will be set free, with …
Discrimination will cease to be, in that ….
To the poor we will bring good news. Oh let us …
Our faith will travel beyond the pews,  as we welcome

3. Men and women will live as one, (etc.)
With equal priv’ledge for everyone
Domination will finally end.
The pains of history we will mend

4. Let us rise up completely new
Living fully in Christ, we’ll bloom
Like the threads of a tapestry,
And weave a joyful community

Words and music by Bret Hesla. © 1990 Bret Hesla. Admin. Augsburg Fortress.
Also licensed via OneLicense.net. All rights reserved.
Use with permission, please. Contact: Bret.hesla@gmail.com.

For full keyboard score, see Global Songs II Songbook.

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