Let’s Leave Our Fears and Comforts Now

Let’s Leave Our Fears And Comforts Now

Bret Hesla © 1998. Bret.hesla@gmail.com


1. Let’s leave our fears and comforts now and heed a higher call:
To dedicate our lives to building dignity for all.
The whims of fate are cruel to some by accident of birth.
It’s only fair for all to share the riches of the earth.

2. We’ll break apart the ancient walls of status, greed and wealth;
And build ourselves instead a house of justice, joy and health.
As partners, friends and family join with strangers of good heart.
And as the vision’s lifted up, division falls apart.

3. Among the many miracles that poets long have praised,
Another stands beside them now — the way this house was raised.
Each day may we decide anew for justice over greed.
That some receive and some let go, and all get what they need.


8686D. May be sung to other tunes, such as “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”

Written for the 1998 West Regional Conference, Habitat for Humanity.
Asilomar, Pacific Grove, CA.

Sheet music, chords and melody line, is for original tune by Bret

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