May You Rest

May you rest
© 1998 Bret Hesla.

May you rest as peaceful and timeless as a lake
Nestled deep in wilderness untraveled
May you rest as peaceful and timeless as a lake
Many portages past the familiar

Ch: Rest in peace
May you rest in peace

God be the basin that holds you
God be the stars that enfold you
Rays of golden sunlight will warm your shoals
Trickle of the snowmelt will fill your soul

Calm of the evening will soothe the day
Ripples on your surface will die away
Resting in the silence, beneath unbounded space
You will be a mirror reflecting God’s face
Jon Olson,  a pastor living in Spring Valley, Minnesota, sent me a fragment of a poem,  something along the lines of “O soul, be a high lake.” Maybe you can make a song out of this, he said. I filled it in with some imagery from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of northern Minnesota. And I think of my uncle Don, who took us, and many others, up there canoeing as teenagers to plant a lifelong love of that beauty and solitude in our hearts.

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