On That Christmas Night

On That Christmas Night
© 2017 Bret Hesla

1. Travelers worrying. Time was pressing on them.
Find a place, any place, on that Christmas night.
Straw and dust, leaky roof, looking like a palace.
Angels were spinning tales there on that Christmas night.

2. What will be slowly comes, turning like the heavens.
All in wait, all in prayer on that Christmas night.
Gentle breath, gentle heat, donkey in the stable.
Mary works laboring there on that Christmas night.

Then time was rended by a shout,
A mighty moan.
And with a great downward cry
Behold, the miracle was done!

3. Soft the hands, soft the cloth holding baby Jesus.
Loving gaze, loving tears on that Christmas night.
Mary and Joseph hum lullabies of kindness.
Parenting peace on earth there on that Christmas night.

© 2017 Bret Hesla, bret.hesla@gmail.com.
All rights reserved. Use with permission, please.
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