Open Invitation

The Open Invitation

1. Sound the call of welcome. Ev’ryone come.
Sound the call of welcome. Ev’ryone come
Oh, sound the call of welcome. Ev’ryone come.
The Open Invitation stands.

2. The door is always open…
Door is always open…
The table’s set and waiting…

3. We’re ordinary people…
Ordinary bodies. ..
An ordinary potluck…

Grateful we stand at the table of peace:
Spirit of Mercy revealed.
Woven together, wealthy and poor,
through one another we’re healed.

4. It’s not a victory party…..
It’s not for members only….
No matter what your creed is…..

5. It’s time to tell our stories….
To listen to each other….
Be shoulder next to shoulder….

6. Without any condition….
Without any coercion…
Without any exception….

7. The Spirit is among us….
The Spirit is within us…..
The Spirit is inviting….

Words and music by Bret Hesla.
© 1999 Bret Hesla. All rights reserved. Use with permission, please.
Licensed via Contact:

Tired of the white male sky god formula? Here’s a new metaphor for the spirit, featuring the inclusive community, and framing the spirit’s power as invitational power, rather than dominance or power-over. Attention service planners: try this as a communion song, or a gathering song.


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