Rosie’s Last Request

When a 12-year old moves to a new city, nothing looks like home–especially that old overgrown graveyard by the thrift store.

Rosie’s Last Request
Copyright ©2010 Bret Hesla.

1. If I should die before you, Dad
One small request is all I have
Don’t blow it off, or I’ll come back
And haunt your every step
Just do it or my ghost will be
your constant source of misery
So listen up and promise me
You’ll honor this request:

Don’t put my grave in that graveyard by Saver’s
Right there on Lake is not the place
I wanna sleep for keeps
Don’t put my grave in that graveyard by Saver’s
That cemetery there gives me the creeps.

2. It may be an historic place
But I prefer my plot be graced
With daffodills, not strewn remains of
Arbys Curly Fries
Sure you can say I’m rude and all
But I’ve seen folks both short and tall
Answering to nature’s call
Right through that chainlink fence.

3. My wishes for my stone you know. It
won’t need lines from some great poet
But the grass, they better mow it
more than once a year
My “Crossing Jordan Soundtrack” choice:
the angel choir and NOT some noisy
disembodied ceiling voice
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