Sing the Day

Sing the Day

1. Sing the day, Sing the dawning of the sun
Sing the day, Sing all creatures joined as one
Sing the day. Come rise, sing the day.
Sing the day. Come rise, sing the day.

2. Sing the home. Sing the bricks upon the ground
Sing the home. What we’ve left and what we’ve found
Sing the home for all, sing the home

3. Sing the dance. Sing how we together move
Sing the dance. sing the promenade of love
Sing the dance with joy. Sing the dance

4. Sing the call. Sing the welcome far and wide
Sing the call. Crumble every last divide
Sing the call today. Sing the call.

5. Sing the hope. Sing the hope for what could be
Sing the hope. Sing for peace and unity
Sing the hope, my love. Sing the hope

6. Sing the praise. Sing the Maker of the world
Sing the praise. Sing the Maker’s love unfurled
Sing the praise. Come rise, sing the praise.

Words and music by Bret Hesla. Written on commission for Faith Mennonite Church on their 50th Anniversary.
© 2011 Bret Hesla. All rights reserved. Use with permission, please.
Licensed via Contact:

Performance: Like a bird song floating on a gentle breeze. Get a flute or other melody instrument to play the melody one time as an intro, with guitar or keyboard underneath. Try having the flute continue doubling the melody on the first couple verses, to help folks follow the melody.

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