Stir Fry

Stir Fry
© 1990 Bret Hesla.

Cooking in the kitchen every night.
You probably do it to.
But I’ll bet my board and my chopping knife
I can stir fry better than you.
Got my stove. Got my wok.
I can make those vegetables sing and talk.
Heat, flame, simmer, sizzle, flip and toss.
Cooking in the kitchen. Cooking in the kitchen, gonna

Ch: Stir fry, yes I’m cooking in the kitchen, cooking in the kitchen
Stir fry, yes I’m cooking tin the kitchen tonight
Stir fry, yes I’m cooking in the kitchen ,cooking in the kitchen
Taking a wok on the wild side
Cooking in the kitchen tonight.

Let me tell you about the way that I begin
When I whip up a gourmet meal.
First thing I do is have a glass of beer.
Or I pour me up a cup of tea.
Then I crank up the music good and loud.
Call a couple friends if I need a crowd.
Then we twist tap turn around sing and shout.
We’re getting good and ready. We’re getting good and ready for a …(Ch.)

Cutting up the onions. Snapping the beans.
And chopping up the cabbage fine.
Slicing the potatoes, dicing the greens,
Put the scraps in the compost pile.
Strike up a match. Light up the stove.
And heat up the oil with the garlic clove.
Then you start with the vegetables you know are slow.
Don’t forget to hurry, and don’t forget the stirring of the …(Ch.)

Here’s a little secret I can tell you about
But you probably use it too.
I look food up and down when I check it out
‘Cause the best is all I use.
Forget about tomatoes hard as rocks.
Forget about anything dipped in wax.
Forget it if it’s sprayed a hundred times for bugs.
Remember where it’s going.
Remember where it’s been. Then… (Ch.)

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