Timber on Twenty-Third Avenue

We had a big blowdown June of 2013, Minneapolis lost 3000 giant shade trees just in the boulevards alone. This is a call response song about it.

Timber on 23rd Avenue
Bret Hesla © 2013

1. It was just last June
What a storm we had
Well the rain was big
But the wind was bad.

I saw oh, so many trees blow down.
Oh what a loss!
It was “Timber”
on TwentyThird Avenue.

2. When the oak went flat
When the tower tipped
Make the root ball rise
Make the sidewalk flip

3. Big karate chop
When the elm went low
Neighbor’s roof got whacked.
Took a fatal blow.

4. All the lights went out.
For a two-day lag
When I drove to work.
Had to zig and zag.

5. Hear the chain saw whine (buck)
Hear the chipper wail (bray)
80 feet of shade
Soon hauled away.