We Gather Longing

We Gather Longing
Bret Hesla © 2004

We gather longing, longing for peace.
We gather longing, longing for peace.
We gather longing, longing for peace,
And we know it’s good to be here.

We are longing, longing
Longing, longing for peace.
We are longing, longing,
Longing, longing for peace.

2. We gather singing joyfully strong.

3. We gather dreaming what is to be.

4. We gather praying the heart of the world.

5. Weaving, mending the whole

Words and music by Bret Hesla.
© 2004 Bret Hesla. All rights reserved. Use with permission, please
Licensed via OneLicense.net, Contact: Bret.hesla@gmail.com

I continue to attend church through the years. I often ask myself why, given the constant evolving of my spirituality, changes toward increasing plurality, all the curiosity and searching, my dislike of doctrine and dogma, my attempts to create meaning in community. This song is about that why.

See also the cousin of this song, Longing We Gather. I sometimes like to take the same starting text and try a few different tunes and structures.

In that spirit, I hope you feel free to do the same with this song, play around with it a little. It’s pretty flexible. Add some verses, adjust the repeats.

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