Permission to Make Copies (paper or electronic):


Photo © Kathy Easthagen

Thanks for doing the right thing and getting permission to reprint. It helps me keep writing.

A. OneLicense: If you are with an organization that has a OneLicense agreement, all my songs are covered. Just follow that protocol. And don’t forget to tell them what you used so I actually get reimbursed.

B. Other Copyright Holder: For a few of the songs you’ll find on this website, you’ll notice that I do not administer (or hold) the copyright. In that case, please contact the copyright holder as indicated.

C. Otherwise, Three Easy Steps: For the rest of the songs, just follow these three steps:

  1. Include Credit Line: Be sure to include the credit line, as indicated, with each copy. For example: © [date] Bret Hesla. Used with permission.
  2. Calculate Fee: For any song, $0.10 per copy, with $5 minimum and  $25 max.
  1. Send Payment: either via PayPal, or snail mail a check to Bret Hesla, 3520 20th Ave. S; Minneapolis, MN 55407. USA