Baptized Into Community

(Songbook–2000) Baptized into Community. Songbook with 26 songs for services of baptism and the reaffirmation of baptism. Composers include Bret Hesla, Ray Makeever, Larry Dittberner, Mary Preus, and Linda Breitag. Welcome those new folks (young or old) into your community with songs and rituals that involve everyone. Here are 26 great songs and ten dynamic ritual ideas compiled by Bret Hesla. Songs by various Minnesota composers. Some great ritual ideas from Dan Erlander. With melody lines, guitar chords, background notes, performance ideas. (Hard copy only: price includes shipping).

  • We Come to the Water (Makeever)
  • In the Living Water We Have Been Baptized (Hesla)
  • Shower Your Spirit Upon Us All (Hesla)
  • In the Water (Makeever)
  • Wash That Baby in the Water (Hesla)
  • New Child in Our Family (Breitag)
  • By God’s Blessing (Hesla)
  • Come and See (Makeever)
  • I Got a New Set of Clothes (Hesla)
  • Let Us Put On the Clothes of Christ (Hesla)
  • Fire of Love (Dittberner)
  • Brighter Than the Sun (Makeever)
  • Rain of Heaven (Hesla)
  • Holy Life (Preus)
  • God Bless the Baby-O (Hesla)
  • Baby Born Again (Makeever)
  • Ten Thousand Dreams (Hesla)
  • Like a Trout (Hesla)
  • Water of Life (Dittberner)
  • Pour Your Spirit On Us (Hesla)
  • Walking Wet (Makeever)
  • Holy River Never Failing (Hesla)
  • Walk Across the Water (Makeever)
  • Rise Up Together and Sing (Hesla)
  • We Have Died (Hesla)
  • Wash Me One More Time (Hesla)
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