Big Fat Tape of Songs for Kids

(CD–1992) Big Fat Tape of Songs for Kids . Recorded with Larry Dittberner. Nineteen original and traditional songs joyfully blended like a bouquet of flowers picked from your neighbor’s garden. This is not the shallow children’s fare of feel-good happy rainbow music. These songs touch the many moods that children feel, and connect old favorites with wonderful new material. Larry and Bret love to sing, love to make music together, and love to do so with children. Their many years of singing experience season this recording with joy, tenderness, pizzazz, longing, and gusto. This is a must. (1992, 38 min.) (CD price includes shipping. Browse tracks below.)

1. Mole in the Ground (2:03)
2. Big Fat Walleye (2:00) (Hesla)
3. Make New Friends (1:21) arr Dittberner
4. The Farmer is the One (1:25)
5. The Ballad of the Bottler (2:13) (Hesla)
6. One Bottle of Pop (1:51) arr Hesla
7. Crawdad (2:15)
8. Hambone (0:57)
9. Home on the Range / I Ride an Old Paint (3:52)
10. Simple Gifts (2:02)
11. Froggie Went a Courtin’ (2:49)
12. The Farmer’s Market (3:20) (Hesla)
13. Solar System (1:00) (Hesla)
14. Hymn For the Russian Earth (1:45)
15. My Dame Had a Lame Tame Crane/ Why Shouldn’t
My Goose? (1:16)
16. She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain (2:53)
17. Fly Away Home (3:04) Arr. Dittberner

© and ℗ 1992 by Larry Dittberner and Bret Hesla, renewed 2002.

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