Singing Prayers for the Earth

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Singing Prayers for the Earth

Thirty-one songs, hymns and short refrains addressing the climate crisis of ecology and justice.
© 2017 Bret Hesla and Richard Bruxvoort Colligan


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All be stewards (Hesla)
All the water in the world (Bruxvoort Colligan/Hesla)
Bring healing to our lives (Bruxvoort Colligan)
Bring healing (Hesla)
Brother Sister Creatures (Bruxvoort Colligan)
Come and Make the People Whole (Hesla)
Evening is falling (Hesla)
Fill us with peace (Hesla)
Fill us, Fill us (Hesla)
For justice love and peace (Bruxvoort Colligan)
For the wholeness of the earth (Hesla)
God, make me a channel (Bruxvoort Colligan)
Help us to stand with (Bruxvoort Colligan)
Let not the needy be forgotten (Hesla)
Letting go (Hesla)
Not without peace (Hesla)
Now that we’ve seen (Hesla)
On the eighth day (Hesla)
Pour out upon us (Bruxvoort Colligan)
Pour upon us all (Hesla)
Robed in glory (Hesla)
Snow globe world (Hesla)
Steward’s hymn (Hesla)
Teach us to discover (Bruxvoort Colligan)
Teach us what it means to pray (Bruxvoort Colligan/Hesla)
There are gardens waiting (Hesla)
Tree song (Bruxvoort Colligan)
Trust the bird (Hesla/Bruxvoort Colligan)
We give ourselves to the earth (Bruxvoort Colligan)
Wonders of the universe (Hesla)
You Embrace with Your Tenderness (Bruxvoort Colligan)
You Embrace the Smallest (Hesla)

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