No Matter Who (songbook)

(2012 Songbook and separate book of Piano Scores) No Matter Who: Hymns and Songs for Peacemakers and Other Neighborhood Builders to Sign Together. These forty-one songs, compiled from my writing between the late 80s and 2012, are a good place to start for singable songs and hymns on progressive themes. (Songbooks below. Or click and listen to individual songs.)


Be With Us Now
Blest Are Those
Bread for the Journey
Do, Do Justice
Eat Food Carol
Embolden My Heart
Flower of Compassion
Hearts On Fire
Here In This Ordinary Place
Holy River Never Failing
Juntos creamos espiritu
Justice Like a Base of Stone
Longing We Gather
Make Us Mindful
Mercy We Abide
No Matter Who
Peace, Peace
Pour Out Your Heart
Provoking Each Other
River of Gladness
Shower Your Spirit
Sing the Day
This Remains
To Sing With You Is Home
Turn My Heart to Peace
Vision Of Hope
Wash Me One More Time
We, Too
Web of Beauty
Where Love and Justice Combine
Where There Is Hatred

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