Close to Home (songbook)

(2013 Songbook) Close to Home: Songs for Community Singing. Thirty-four songs to help you and your friends sing the joys of local food, canoeing, peacemaking, marriage equality, corner hardware stores and other fine big-town values. (Songbook 8.5″ x 7″ format;  price includes shipping. Or click and listen to individual songs.)

Big Fat Walleye
Big Town Values
Can You Strum
Childhood Sweethearts
Close to Home
Eat Food Carol
Farewell Ontario
February Blues
Fine Form
Grain Belt Beer
Greenland Ice is Falling
Greater Minnesota Get-together
I Burned the Beans
I’ve Walked Minnesota
I Will Not Be Passive
Kingfield Market Carol
Look Who’s Out in the Garden
Man at the Hardware Store
Merry Merry Minnesota
Motley Travelers of Pleasant Avenue
One Sweet August Afternoon
Potluck Carol
Rosie’s Last Request
Selling the House
Shoulder Next to Shoulder
This Good Old Man
This Night of Rejoicing
To Sing with You is Home
Vision of Hope
We Will Remember
We’ll Come Shining Through
Were You There When we Sang at Corcoran?
When Healthcare Reaches All
You Belong in This World

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